Can i stream movies from pc to chromecast

How to Stream Local Video to Chromecast on Windows/Mac ...

How to Use Chromecast to Cast iTunes Movies to HDTV

Google did a good job of integrating Android OS with Chromecast and you can see Android Apps to Stream Media Files from Phone to Chromecast. Install VideoStream Chrome Extension The best solution to stream local videos from PC and MAC through Chromecast is to use a Chrome VideoStream application.

8 Best Chromecast Free Movie Apps for Good Quality Movies Let's have a look at the best Chromecast free movie apps to stream from your smartphone to Chromeast connected big screen TV. Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player | Sound & Vision I started by sending the movie from the Netflix app on my Samsung Galaxy 4S to the Chromecast connected to my TV. I picked up my iPhone, opened Netflix, and paused the movie at the dinner scene. Google Chromecast Review and Giveaway

This article tells you how to stream video, music from PC, Mac and Android or iOS devices to Chromecast. Stream Internet Google Chromecast articles about the Internet by Jim Karpen Stream DVD to Chromecast 2: How to Cast DVD from PC/Mac to HDTV… And in this article you can learn how to stream DVD to Chromecast 2 for watching DVD movies on HDTV even without downloading a DVD decoder or player. Best Video Stream Chromecast Apps for PC/Mac

8 Best Chromecast Free Movie Apps for Good Quality Movies

6 Ways to Stream Local Music Collection to Chromecast Here Are 6 Ways to Stream Your Local Music Collection to Chromecast. Chromecast Setup - How to setup your Chromecast on Android… Chromecast Setup: How to download & use Google Chromecast app on your Android, iOS devices. Google Chromecast Extension on Desktop/Laptop. help. Feasible Ways to Stream Video from Computer to TV

Connect your computer and Chromecast to the same wireless network. Go to Google Play Movies ( using Chrome. Click My Movies or My TV shows. Choose a movie or show. Click Play. Click the Cast icon near the top right corner of the video player. Under 'Connect to a device', select your Chromecast from the device list.

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Streaming TV shows and music from your smartphone or tablet is great – and what the Chromecast is designed for – but you can also use Chromecasts to stream stuff from your PC or laptop as well.